contact smart 2Welcome to Iceland! 5 day, professional development courses for kindergarten and primary teachers in Reykjavík, Iceland

Our 5 day courses in Iceland offer the perfect balance of professional development and exploration. Click here for your Smart Teachers Play More course dates in Iceland  2018/2019.

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On a Smart Teachers Play More course in Iceland, you will:

  • Observe the Play To Learn More teaching approach in a real school setting
  • Take part in sessions and workshops, each focusing on an aspect of the Smart Teachers Play More approach.
  • Enjoy our Smart time sessions dedicated to relaxation, team building and sharing good practice.
  • Make the most of the amazing opportunity to explore Iceland and its spectacular scenery.

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Activities and sightseeing opportunities in Iceland:

The Golden Circle day tour is a must for any visitor to Iceland, introducing you to the natural phenomena the country is so famous for. You’ll view the spectacular multi-level Gullfoss waterfall up close and personal, see the Eurasian and American continental plates dividing in Þingvellir National Park, witness the erupting Strokkur geyser and much more.

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The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal spa where guests enjoy relaxing in warm therapeutic mineral waters surrounded by a stark and stunning lava field. The geothermal waters are led directly to the Blue lagoon from wells as deep as 2000 metres/6000 feet underground. The water stays a warm and inviting at 36-39° Celsius (100-110°F). The Blue Lagoon’s warm water and natural active ingredients (mineral salts, silica and blue green algae) help you relax and escape the stress and strain of daily life.

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Horse Riding experience Enjoy the friendly Icelandic horses on excellent riding paths. Ride through lava fields and along beautiful green hillsides. Look for different rock formations in the lava while experiencing the special gait of these horses known as “tölt”.

Reykjavík Sightseeing tour. By bus or on foot, the tour focuses on the history of Iceland, the evolution of Reykjavík as a town and Icelandic culture in general.  It is presented in an informative and comic way.  On the tour you will see places such as: Harpan, the concert hall; Reykjavík city hall; Hallgrímskirkja, the church of Hallgrímur, (a well known symbol of Reykjavík); Perlan, a great viewpoint; and many more interesting places.

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Why not spend a Saturday like a typical Icelander and start the day by going to one of Reykjavík´s hot swimming pools. Whatever the weather, you’ll find local people swimming and bathing in the hot tubs. After working up an appetite, it’s off to to a bakery for a nice cup of coffee and an Icelandic pastry called “kleina” or “pönnukökur” for yourself and some bread for the ducks. After that, why not pop down-town to take in the views of Reykjavík lake?  To the north you will find Reykjavík City hall alongside “Kolaportið”, Reykjavík´s fleamarket, with its international atmosphere, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Try Icelandic dry fish or even some traditional rotten fish if you are brave enough! If eating lots of fish is not your thing, don’t worry!! There are plenty of Icelandic ice cream parlours to suit every taste. Yum!

 Read more about Iceland here

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